Running Out Of Floor Space? Solutions for Optimizing Your Facility.

Running Out Of Floor Space? Solutions for Optimizing Your Facility.

Running Out Of Floor Space? Solutions for Optimizing Your Facility.

Recently, we participated in a virtual presentation for AutoPack Summit 2020 that focused on ways to improve efficiency, save money, and reduce floorspace requirements. When we talk about increasing efficiency, we’re essentially looking at how to reduce time and costs. In terms of packaging, 3 of the main issues people face are how to move more parts in a shorter amount of time, how to reduce damaged parts, and how to conserve space in your facility.

One of the first things we focused on was the addition of WIP Racks, which help improve efficiency in a variety of ways.

We also looked at eliminating forklifts from your facility. To see more on that topic, check out our previous post!

We also discussed how mother/daughter carts can help improve efficiency and flexibility. Our friends at Geolean have put together a great piece on mother/daughter carts. Check it out here!

Eliminating forklifts and incorporating tuggers, agv’s, or mother/daughter carts into your facility is a great start towards improving efficiency. But what else can be done? How can you make the material handling and manufacturing processes even more efficient?

What if you’re running into space constraints because you can no longer stack racks with a forklift? Do you increase the size of your plant by either expanding or adding off-site warehouses or do you make the space you have more efficient.

Our patented RZR Rack is the next evolution of material handling, and is the all in one solution to help with both efficiency and space savings.

We also looked at some case study data from existing customers who are using the RZR Rack in their facilities, and showed how it can help save millions of dollars per year. For a more detailed look at that data, click here!

To see our AutoPack Presentation in its entirety, including the live Q&A Session, click the link below.

For more information on the AutoPack Summit, click the image below.