Implementing Safety With a Clever Solution

Implementing Safety With a Clever Solution

Implementing Safety With a Clever Solution

Every day in the United States, 260 forklift-related injuries occur. Every year, 85 deaths are due to forklift-related accident and 34,900 people are seriously injured as a result of forklifts. With statistics like these, it is time to make changes to ensure the safety of workers.

Across the globe, companies are going forklift-free. When looking at going fork-lift free two questions must be answered—WHY and HOW?


1.Reduce Operation Costs- If you’re using a forklift, costs will be incurred. That might include leasing or purchase costs, maintenance, and expensive repairs.

2.Increase Material Handling Efficiency— If you’re using forklifts to do a job that can be done more effectively with other means, your material handling time goes up.

3.Congestion and Space Restrictions— You can better utilize floor space when you need fewer wide fork-lift lanes.

4.OSHA Fines— An OSHA fine can be anywhere from $7,000 to $70,000 for inadequate safety training.

5.Fallout From Injuries— Forklift and warehouse safety affect all aspects of a business. When an employee is injured, morale and productivity decline. If equipment or product is damaged, your bottom line takes a direct hit. Not to mention potential legal fees and worker compensation costs. Forklift injuries can add up quickly.


The goal isn’t to simply eliminate forklifts if they have a legitimate role, but they should be removed from foot traffic areas. So, how can you go fork-lift free in these high traffic zones? We have a solution—THE RZR RACK.

The RZR Rack is a state-of-the-art rack that expands vertically upwards of 100+ inches depending on facility needs. It can be hitched with other racks and pulled by hand, robot, or tuggers to improve material flow, efficiency, floor space, productivity, and safety on the floor.

RZR Rack is available in variety of footprints to accommodate different parts. No matter the size of your facility or parts, the RZR Rack can be customized to the width, depth, and height per your specifications. In addition, we can customize rack orientation, cell configuration, colors, materials (vinyl, ESD and Class A), curtains, foot pedals, tow-bar, and hitches.

We want to help you reach your maximum efficiency and productivity, while keeping your facility safe. Contact us today to discuss implementing the RZR Rack in your facility.

Thank you to Geolean for their information on implementing a fork-lift free facility. (

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