Dunnage Solutions

Diverse Global offers a variety of non-abrasive packaging solutions to ensure that your painted and Class A surfaces are undamaged in transit.

Dunnage Solutions

We understand the need for customized dunnage solutions that fit your specifications and protect your components. Diverse Global offers a variety of non-abrasive packaging solutions to ensure that your painted and Class A surfaces are undamaged in transit. To increase part density, we can use sewn bags, vacuum thermoformed trays, specialty foams or fabrics, and plastic corrugated or solid plastic partitions.


Plastic Dunnage

Diverse Global specializes in crafting custom plastic corrugated dividers and partitions to integrate into your existing packaging or our tailor-made plastic totes, bulk containers and steel racks. Our commitment is always to safeguard your specific components.

We offer corrugated plastic dunnage in many thicknesses and grades, including options with protective and lint-free fabric laminates.

For heavier parts and exceptional durability, our solid plastic dunnage solutions are engineered using high-density polyethylene. They outperform plastic corrugated alternatives and can be tailored to your exact requirements. Our HDPE dunnage solutions range in thickness from 0.04 to 0.125 inches.


Foam Dunnage

Diverse Global offers a wide variety of foam materials, including cross-linked and open-cell polyethylene foams, recycled foam, PP and PE foams and expanded PP materials. These foams come in various densities, making them ideal for your dunnage requirements. Our foam packaging can used as dividers, integrated into packaging or even used independently—all tailored to provide the best protection for your components. 

Our foam products can also be upgraded to RST Foam for additional rust prevention for your metal parts.


Sewn Dunnage

Diverse Global specializes in lightweight yet exceptionally durable sewn bags using high-strength, tear-resistant materials. These are the toughest bags on the market and are ideal for safeguarding delicate components.

Our tailored dunnage solutions utilize soft, pliable materials to snugly fit your project’s needs. By seamlessly integrating bags into steel racks, bulk containers and plastic totes we optimize part nesting—enabling efficient space utilization and cost savings.

When Class A surface protection is a must, our fabric bag and pouch dunnage systems are the perfect choice. These robust bags can be seamlessly integrated into your existing containers or incorporated into a custom packaging solution.


Our solutions are customized to fit each client’s unique needs. For product specifications, fill out our contact form and our experts will work with you to find a solution.

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