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Work smarter, not harder.

RZR Rack effortlessly expands vertically to increase capacity and to allow for easier loading/unloading, while also reducing your plant’s floor space requirements. It’s state of-the-art design creates an all-in one solution that can be tailored to your specifications with a variety of available options.

Make your facility more efficient.

The RZR Rack will make you more efficient by reducing the number of racks required in your facility, getting more parts to your operators at a given time, reducing down time, reducing your freight costs, and maximizing your facility’s space. All of these efficiencies can add up to millions of dollars per year.

Available Options:

  • Up to 40% floor space savings & reduction in rack requirements
  • Up to 60% increase in rack storage density
  • Ideal for space-constrained environments
  • Increase workplace efficiency & productivity
  • More parts to the line
  • Cubes out a box truck or semi-trailer at max height

Download the RZR Rack sell sheet here.
Download the RZR “Maxed Out” Infographic PDF here.

Watch the Modex 2020 Presentation here.
Watch the Autopack 2020 Presentation here.
Watch the Autopack 2021 Presentation here.

To learn more about how the RZR Rack can help you optimize your facility by improving your material flow and manufacturing efficiencies, check out this blog post!

To learn more about how the RZR Rack can help you save millions of dollars per year, check out this blog post!

Maybe bag racks aren’t your thing. Maybe moving to bags would require a complete overhaul of your processes and retraining your operators, which can be costly and time consuming. What about a RZR Rack that utilizes shelves and arms? Our RZR FLX Rack can do just that!

This unique design now combines the space savings technology of our RZR Rack with the arm/shelf racks that you might already be using. To learn more about the FLX Rack, click here!

Download the RZR FLX Sell sheet here.

By combining the best features of the RZR Rack with bags that mimic the Akrobins our customers are already using, our distribution partners can also use the RZR Rack to pick parts of all shapes and sizes without having to worry about additional boxes or containers. This design allows your pickers to get more parts on their trip before returning to the shipping area, which makes them more efficient, and saves you money!

Download the RZR Distribution Sell sheet here.