Increase efficiency with the touch of a button

U.S. Pat. Reg. No’s. 9,738,447, 10,081,490. Other U.S. and Int’l applications pending


The RZR Rack is our patented, cutting-edge material handling solution that revolutionizes efficiency and space management in your facility. This innovative rack effortlessly expands vertically, significantly increasing your warehouse’s floorspace and capacity while streamlining loading and unloading processes. Its state-of-the-art design is customizable to suit your specific needs, making it a versatile all-in-one solution.

By implementing the RZR Rack in your facility, you can enhance material flow and manufacturing efficiencies, and achieve remarkable efficiency gains that can translate into substantial savings—potentially reaching millions of dollars annually. Say goodbye to the need for costly accommodations or off-site warehouses—the RZR Rack is your key to unlocking a more efficient and space-saving future.

See How Our Customer Saved Over $150,000 in a Single Year with RZR Rack

Download the case study to see how much money the RZR Rack—our patented, cutting-edge packaging solution—can save you in labor, transportation and space.


Download our comprehensive documents outlining the RZR Rack product specifications, including design, dimensions and features.

Increase efficiency with a touch of a button

Work smarter, not harder.

RZR Rack effortlessly expands vertically to increase capacity and to allow for easier loading/unloading, while also reducing your plant’s floor space requirements. It’s state-of-the-art design creates an all-in-one solution that can be tailored to your specifications with a variety of available options.

Up to 40% floor space savings & reduction in rack requirements

Up to 60% increase in rack storage density

Ideal for space-constrained environments

Increase workplace efficiency & productivity

Reduces material handling time

More parts to the line

Cubes out a box truck or semi-trailer at max height

Reduction in transportation costs

Warranty on materials and craftsmanship

Maintenance free

Made in the USA of high-strength, durable components

Fire-retardant materials available in various colors; ESD and Class A friendly

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Add a layer of protection to your products

When you implement RZR Rack, you not only enhance material flow and warehouse floorspace efficiency, but you can also easily and seamlessly protect your metal parts and equipment from rust. The experts at Diverse Global partnered with Armor Protective Packaging® to create RST Foam for Rust Prevention — it is specifically designed for use in material handling and shipping containers.

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