Plastic Products

Plastic packaging is a strong and durable solution for the demands of your material handling system.

Plastic Products

Diverse Global offers an extensive selection of tailored plastic container solutions designed to match the unique requirements of your project.  Plastic packaging is a strong and durable solution for the demands of your material handling system. Our bulk containers and handheld totes are available in straight-wall configurations for increased durability, as well as nesting or collapsible options for streamlined storage when not in use. To further safeguard your products, our plastic packaging can be equipped with an array of internal dunnage systems.

In addition to our comprehensive plastic container offerings, Diverse Global is dedicated to addressing our clients’ individualized preferences by delivering custom plastic corrugated totes and sleeve packs. We construct our corrugated plastic containers using sturdy yet lightweight materials, ensuring they withstand the rigors of your supply chain. These corrugated plastic solutions not only shield your components but also simplify part identification and facilitate effortless loading and unloading procedures.


Plastic Corrugated Totes

Diverse Global’s plastic corrugated totes—often referred to as RSC, HSC, DSC or RETF—outshine their cardboard counterparts in terms of durability and weight. We use a variety of materials, including PVC stacking rings and aluminum U-channel and stacking corners, to craft exceptionally strong stacking plastic corrugated totes customized to fit your needs. Their interlocking designs create greater weight capacity, and when customized plastic and/or foam dunnage is integrated into their interiors they provide unmatched part protection. At Diverse Global, we pride ourselves on versatility. We can accommodate uniquely or unusually shaped components with standard and non-standard tote sizes.


Plastic Sleeve Packs

Sleeve packs are versatile solutions for shipping a wide range of products, from automotive components to delicate medical supplies and even crushed cans. These durable plastic corrugated distribution containers are specifically designed for securing and accommodating loads that exert downward pressure.

Diverse Global’s sleeve packs represent lightweight and efficient bulk shipping solutions, comprising a sturdy pallet base, collapsible folding walls, and a convenient lid or mirror-image top. When it comes to storage optimization, these sleeve packs can be easily disassembled and neatly stored within their base and lid.

Our plastic sleeve packs seamlessly integrate with both wood and vacuum-formed pallets, and for added customization, Diverse Global offers layer pads and tailored dunnage solutions to match your unique requirements. Featuring standard forklift entry points, our sleeve packs are a breeze to handle and stack, just like any other bulk container. You can choose from a variety of standard pallet-size options, and if you require a specific height, we’re more than willing to create custom-sized sleeve packs to meet your exact specifications.


Plastic Totes

Diverse Global’s versatile handheld plastic totes come in a variety of sizes and not only standardize your workflow but also contribute to a more sustainable future, being 100% recyclable. Whether it’s safeguarding components during transit, streamlining assembly processes or optimizing storage, our plastic totes are your trusted solution. We take pride in tailoring them to your exact specifications, offering customization in size and internal dunnage options like sewn bags, plastic corrugated, HDPE and foam. With a focus on durability, you can choose straight-wall configurations, and for space efficiency, we provide stackable, nesting or collapsible designs—all with or without attached lids. Discover the seamless blend of functionality and sustainability in Diverse Global’s plastic totes.


Plastic Bulk Containers

Plastic bulk containers have rugged strength and durability capable of withstanding the demands of your material handling and distribution processes. These efficient and high-performing containers offer rigid and collapsible varieties, the latter of which can be broken down for efficient storage. 


At Diverse Global, we use new and refurbished bulk containers to craft tailored solutions for our clients. To guarantee the utmost protection for your components, our plastic bulk containers seamlessly integrate with various materials, including sewn bags, plastic corrugated, HDPE and foam. We can fulfill all your bulk container requirements, including custom dunnage integration, full-side access, and extended-length systems.


Our solutions are customized to fit each client’s unique needs. For product specifications, fill out our contact form and our experts will work with you to find a solution.

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