Plastic Sleeve Packs

Plastic Sleeve Packs

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Sleeve packs are well-suited for shipping everything from automotive components to medical products to crushed cans. These plastic corrugated distribution containers are ideal for loads that are restrained and that exert downward pressure. Diverse Global’s sleeve packs are lightweight bulk shipping solutions composed of a pallet base, collapsible, folding walls, and a lid or mirror-image top. For more efficient storage, empty sleeve packs can be broken down and stored inside the base and lid.

Plastic sleeve packs are compatible with wood or vacuum formed pallets, and Diverse Global also offers layer pads and/or customized dunnage to suit your needs. Our sleeve packs feature standard forklift entry, allowing you to move and stack them like any other bulk container. Sleeve packs are available in a variety of standard pallet size footprints. Diverse Global is also happy to create sleeve packs with custom footprints that are the exact height that you need.

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