Cool Stuff Alert: Prime-Cor-X®

Cool Stuff Alert: Prime-Cor-X®

Cool Stuff Alert: Prime-Cor-X®

Armor Protective Packaging launches their new rust prevention plastic corrugated!

In the fast-evolving landscape of packaging solutions, innovation is key, and if you’ve been following our company for any amount of time, you know that our entire philosophy towards packaging is to be innovative and to do things differently than everyone else. We love new and cool stuff, and we want to celebrate industry innovation even when that innovation doesn’t come from us.

Our friends at Armor Protective Packaging have just launched their new Prime-Cor-X®, which we think is cool stuff. It’s a new type of corrugated plastic packaging with the added benefit of their ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology, and presents a great opportunity to revolutionize the way we safeguard your valuable products.

What is VCI?

VCI stands for vapor corrosion inhibitor, and is the backbone to all of Armor’s products. VCI is a class of chemical compounds that emit rust-inhibiting vapors into an enclosed air space. When metal is present, the VCI molecules form a nano-sized layer of protection on the surface of ferrous and non-ferrous metal that displaces moisture and prevents corrosion. 

How Does VCI Work?

When you wrap or enclose a metal part in a VCI product, VCI vapors are released and they attach themselves to the surface of metal to form a nano-sized layer of protection that repels water, moisture and other contaminates that cause corrosion.  Traditional rust preventatives such as oil and grease offer a physical barrier to protect the surface of metal parts, but they are messy, time consuming to apply and remove, and are harmful to humans and the environment.  Vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI) work on a molecular level and they are clean, dry, easy-to-apply, and VCI protection dissipates once the metal part is removed from VCI packaging, which eliminates the need for removal.

What is Prime-Cor-X®?

The VCI Corrugated Plastic from Armor Protective Packaging® incorporates this technology into durable corrugated plastic sheets. These sheets emit corrosion-inhibiting vapors that protect metal components, ensuring they arrive at their destination in top condition. To learn more about Prime-Cor-X®, check out the short video below.

Incorporating Prime-Cor-X® into Our Plastic Corrugated Dunnage

What’s really cool about this product is how it can be used to make Plastic Corrugated Dunnage. We’ve been producing corrugated dunnage for a whole host of products for ages, but now, with the help of Prime-Cor-X®, we can make dunnage with the added benefit of rust prevention. No longer will you need two different products to securely pack your parts and keep them rust free. By utilizing their new Prime-Cor-X® corrugated with VCI, we can do both at the same time.

That just sounds like cool stuff to us. If you want to learn more about how we can utilize Armor’s technology to better serve you, contact us today!