FLX Rack

Save time, space and money with our customizable arm & shelf rack

U.S. Patent and Int’l applications pending


FLX Rack is a game changer for businesses seeking to optimize their storage and logistics processes. Using the same technology as our patented RZR Rack, the FLX Rack combines our space-saving technology with the widely used industry-standard arm and shelf racks. Expand your vertical storage, increase your warehouse’s floor space and streamline your processes with this fully customizable rack solution. 

Double Your Warehouse Floor Space with FLX Rack

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Introducing the RZR FLX Rack

A RZR Rack that doesn’t use bags!

For some, the RZR Rack sells itself. They understand the cost savings it will provide them, and they see how they can easily integrate it into their existing systems so that they can maximize their space and labor efficiency.

For others, the idea of bag racks is a novel concept. For a variety of reasons, they don’t use bags currently, and have a tougher time visualizing how to integrate them into their processes. Moving to bags would require a complete overhaul of their processes and retraining their operators, which is costly and time consuming.

It’s with those people in mind that we developed our new RZR FLX Rack!

This unique design now combines the space savings technology of our RZR Rack with the arm/shelf racks that are widely used in the industry, allowing those who don’t use bag racks to still receive the amazing benefits of the RZR Rack. This design offers the following benefits:

50-100% increase in part density!!

Universally adjustable design to fit a wide variety of parts

Various interchangeable dunnage options including arms and shelves.

Also offers the same benefits of our standard RZR Rack design

Reduces labor rates by making your material handlers & operators more efficient

Cubes out a truck for outsourced components

Custom footprints
Warranty on materials and craftsmanship

Maintenance free

Made in the USA of high-strength, durable components

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The RZR Rack is our patented, cutting-edge material handling solution that revolutionizes efficiency and space management in your facility. This innovative rack effortlessly expands vertically, significantly increasing your warehouse’s floorspace and capacity while streamlining loading and unloading processes. Its state-of-the-art design is customizable to suit your specific needs, making it a versatile all-in-one solution.

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