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We offer a range of engineering services tailored to meet your needs. Whether it’s engineering, prototyping or manufacturing, we prioritize precision and quality at every step. Moreover, our dedicated program management team is here to guide your project from inception to completion. At Diverse Global, your success is our priority.

Packaging Engineering

Packaging Engineering services play a pivotal role in optimizing the way products are packaged and protected for storage, transportation and display. This is crucial for ensuring that products reach their destinations in perfect condition while minimizing waste and costs. Our packaging engineers can design a product for you entirely from scratch based on part data, sample parts or approximate part sizes. We use SolidWorks for precise 3D modeling to provide you with prototypes to ensure the packaging design aligns with your requirements. If you already have designs, our team can also work from those to develop a custom solution for your needs.


Our prototyping service is a pivotal phase in product development, where we build a single, functional prototype to assess how your product seamlessly integrates into your assembly line or material movement system. This in-house process provides you with greater control, speed and agility in refining your product design.

Additionally, we offer support for secondary testing, such as shake and drop tests, which allow you to further validate product durability and safety. This commitment to quality ensures that your final product not only meets but exceeds your expectations and industry standards, minimizing any potential disruptions during large-scale production.


Diverse Global offers end-to-end in house manufacturing services Including steel processing capabilities such as cutting, forming, drilling, tapping and welding, and our final assembly, including dunnage installation, wheel integration and electronics for specialized products like our patented RZR Rack. Choosing Diverse Global to help with your packing manufacturing needs means prioritizing quality control and building customized solutions to fit your needs.

Our Equipment


Tube Saw

The M-16A tube saw is an automatic scissor-style band saw capable of outstanding miter cutting for heavy-duty metal applications.



Space Gear Mark 510 II is an all-in-one laser that produces high-speed 2D processing of sheet metal and plate, as well as 3D cutting of pre-formed parts and rotary cutting of tube, pipe and structural.


Press Brake

The Amada FBD 8025E CNC 3Axis Press Brake is a powerful and versatile machine designed for precision metal bending and shaping.



The Deltaweld® is a powerful welding tool providing 15 amps of auxiliary power. This trusted equipment ensures consistent weld performance by keeping output power constant.


Custom Paint

Donaldson Torit Downflo Workstation with 3 automatic filters for wet paint.

Program Management

Our all-encompassing project management service is designed to guarantee your project’s success from start to finish. We offer expert engineering and sales support, are committed to meeting the demands of your production times and delivery milestones and stick with you post-project to offer aftermarket service on products like our RZR Rack. When you work with the Diverse Global team, form a partnership that is dedicated to your project’s success from beginning to end.

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