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We leverage our extensive experience to customize a wide variety of packaging solutions for our clients. We can design, prototype and manufacture steel racks, dunnage and plastic products to fit your unique application requirements. Whatever your needs are, Diverse Global delivers a tailor-made product on your schedule.

Diverse Global Proprietary Solutions


RZR Rack

Minimize floor space and maximize efficiencies with our patented RZR Rack.


FLX Rack

Combine the space savings technology of our RZR Rack with the arm/shelf racks widely used in the industry.


Custom Racks

Configure a customized rack solution that saves space and keeps your products protected during transportation.


WIP Racks

Easily transport parts between workstations and facilities.


Plastic Dunnage

Custom design plastic dividers and partitions for use in your existing packaging or our tailor-made plastic totes, bulk containers and steel racks.


Foam Dunnage

Protect your parts by incorporating foam dividers or pads into any of our other product offerings.


Sewn Dunnage

Create a sewn bag dunnage solution custom-fit to your project needs and capable of protecting even your most fragile components.


Plastic Corrugated Totes

The advantage over injection molded totes is more that these can be made to custom sizes, where injection totes aren’t.


Plastic Sleeve Packs

Lightweight and easily collapsible when empty to maximize return trips.


Plastic Totes

Streamline your workflow with plastic totes that protect and store your components from start to end.


Plastic Bulk Containers

Containers built to endure the rigors of your material handling and distribution system.

RST Foam


Save time and money while protecting your metal equipment and parts from rust.

A Comprehensive Dive Into Our Products and Services

Gain a complete understanding of DGC’s offerings and see why we’re the preferred company for customized packaging solutions.