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Cool Stuff Alert: Prime-Cor-X®

Armor Protective Packaging launches their new rust prevention plastic corrugated! In the fast-evolving landscape of packaging solutions, innovation is key, and if you’ve been following our company for any amount of time, you know that our entire philosophy towards packaging is to be innovative and to do things differently than everyone else. We love new and cool stuff, and we want to celebrate industry innovation even when that innovation doesn’t

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Mitigating Supply Chain Risks: The Impact of Returnable Packaging

Introduction In the dynamic landscape of modern business, supply chain risk management has become an essential focus area. Uncertainties, ranging from disruptions to quality control issues, present challenges for businesses. Enter returnable packaging—an often underestimated solution that not only optimizes logistics but significantly impacts supply chain risk management. This blog post delves into how returnable packaging plays a critical role in mitigating risks and fostering resilience in supply chain operations.

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