Sewn Bag Dunnage

Sewn Bag Dunnage

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Using high tensile strength, tear-resistant materials, Diverse Global designs and manufactures sewn bags that are simultaneously lightweight and the toughest on the market. These dunnage solutions are exceptionally durable, yet flexible and capable of protecting your most fragile components.

Diverse Global uses soft, pliable materials to custom-fit the solution you need for your project. To create a tailor-made dunnage solution, we integrate bags into steel racks, bulk containers, and plastic totes. The design of our bags allows parts to better nest in each cell, better protecting each component. This also means that you can fit a greater number of parts in each container and make more efficient use of both money and space.

If you have a material handling challenge involving Class A surface protection requirements, fabric bag and pouch dunnage systems are ideally suited for the job. Fabric bags are strong, durable options for integration into your current containers, or we can incorporate them into a new, customized packaging system.


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