Honoring Our Frontline Heroes: Andrew and Cait Seppo

Honoring Our Frontline Heroes: Andrew and Cait Seppo

Honoring Our Frontline Heroes: Andrew and Cait Seppo

Andrew and Cait Seppo are a dynamic husband and wife team in West Michigan that offer a holistic approach to healing through Chiropractic medicine. Not only do the Seppos have big hearts for health, but they also serve the community through partnering with Hand2Hand, The American Red Cross Blood Drive, Samaritan’s Purse, Habitat for Humanity, Heights of Hope, and Community Action House.         

When asked why Andrew chose to get his doctorate in Chiropractic, he said, “I fell in love with the human body, and I’ve always had a great appreciation for how God designed the body to function. After taking an anatomy and physiology class in college, I was drawn to the holistic philosophy of chiropractic. I’ve also always loved people, and I am so thankful I am able to pursue a profession that I love while also working with people every day.”

Cait was drawn to the natural practice due her to regular use of a chiropractor as she trained 25-30 hours a week as a Division III gymnastist. She fell in love with “the holistic approach to health and the appreciation for how proper movement, nutrition, and alignment played an integral role in keeping people healthy.” After she broke her back and neck, chiropractic medicine literally gave her the chance to live and move again.  

Since opening their own practice, the Seppos have treated a wide variety of patients— musculoskeletal conditions, headaches/migraines, alleviating pain for pregnant mothers, and preventative care. Each month, they treat an average of 300 patients. Pain and medical conditions did not end when COVID-19 began, which is why Seppo Chiropractic has been a blessing to its patients who need care to function daily or to give quality to their life. According to Cait, “We are SO GRATEFUL to be open and to be able to serve however we can in this season.”

They are taking every precaution to ensure safety for their patients by incorporating stringent sanitation measures, following all CDC guidelines and those provided by state associations and malpractice insurance, spreading out scheduled patients to limit personal contact, and triaging patients before they come in to check for symptoms of illness.

In this time of uncertainty, the Seppos would like to give this message of hope: “This too shall pass. There is very little difference between vision and provision from our God. What our God sees, He provides for. And although that may not take away the battles we fight, we can rest assured that our God will be faithful to meet our needs and carry us safely through to victory.”

Thank you to Andrew and Cait for being frontline heroes.