Implementing Safety With a Clever Solution

Every day in the United States, 260 forklift-related injuries occur. Every year, 85 deaths are due to forklift-related accident and 34,900 people are seriously injured as a result of forklifts. With statistics like these, it is time to make changes to ensure the safety of workers. Across the globe, companies are going forklift-free. When looking […]


The Valve Cover Rack is another clever design engineered to protect your products from damage and to make your production more efficient. Each shelf effortlessly flips upward for continual loading and unloading.


Your products are valuable and require the best in protection. Our state-of-the-art RZR Rack with ESD materials guarantees the safety of your static sensitive components. Our internal class-A fabric, external vinyl, vinyl curtains, and bi-directional casters are all ESD certified. Contact us today to learn more at 269-857-8621. Diverse Global Clever Designs / Custom Solutions

Introducing the RZR Rack

INCREASE EFFICIENCY WITH THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON! RZR Rack effortlessly expands vertically to increase capacity and to allow for easier loading/unloading, while also reducing your plant’s floor space requirements. It’s state-of-the-art design creates an all-in-one solution that can be tailored to your specifications with a variety of available options. » Up to 40% floor […]

Returnable Vs Expendable Packaging: A Cost Savings Analysis

The people over at recently published an article with Swedish company Pågen’s findings on the annual cost savings they had by switching from expendable to returnable packaging. By switching to a returnable/nestable pallet, Pågen was able to save 40% in both shipping and warehouse space, and in turn, was able to save approximately $500,000.00 […]

Returnable Packaging Calculators

Unsure if returnable packaging is right for you? Not convinced that it will actually save you money in the long run? The Returnable Packaging Association has put together some handy calculators for you to compare your current packaging expenses with what you can expect with returnable packaging. Check them out for yourself to see how […]

Returnable Packaging and the Quest for Space Maximization

Space maximization is a major concern for many manufacturers. The more space you have available, the more you can manufacture, and the more money you can potentially make. Similarly, for those manufacturers that rent facility space, the less space that you need, the less money you have to spend. Space is money, plain and simple, […]

Why Returnable Packaging?

One thing companies may often find themselves asking is, “Why should I use returnable packaging?” There are many benefits to returnable packaging, not only for you but also for your customers, suppliers, and the environment. By establishing a returnable packaging program, you can help lower packaging costs, help to better protect your products from shipping […]